Meth Labs

The meth lab problem has increased dramatically in the last ten years.   Now I find it in my own neighborhood. Our health issues have increased.




Our home is probably totally ruined with this meth lab here.  We will lose our furniture and our home has to be completely renovated just because these slobs who couldn't care less what results happen with their chemical cookings. Our house stinks of chemicals almost on a weekly basis. WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS!!  We are ill.  We have more issues than we can bear.  These people need to go!

It takes less than four hours to make a house toxic, the carpeting, upholstery, drapes, etc. It all has to be removed by a hazmat crew, and tossed.  We worked so hard, and have so many memories here.  Now it's all ruined. Our lives are ruined.   I feel sorry for the kids and pets that live here, and they are all suffering under the tyranny of these jackasses.  Six months of this and I don't think there is much hope we can survive much longer here.









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