The truth hurts?

Too bad.

Steven Miller of Las Vegas, Nevada, has taken upon himself to publish private information of hard working citizens on his Website.  So here we publish private information of his to even things out.

Steven Miller works at 7130 Placid Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Phone number 1-702-222-0642 at Nevada Policy Research Institute. 


His email is:

He is supposed to be some sort journalist, but really he is a lawbreaker and miscreant. Where is the justice?  These people he lists on his site are not lawbreakers, but hard working public servants. This is a Democrat (Dumocrat?) maneuver. - punish those who are actually working for a living. 

His own Website lists the working income and retirement income of PERS employees and retirees and their full names.  This is a site for identity theft. From his published articles online, he definitely does not believe in individual rights and protections.  A non-Consittution, non-Bill of Rights, and non-believer of the privacy for hard working people. In other words, a Dumocrat.

Steven Miller, Pompous Fool

From the Website:

Steven Miller is senior vice president at NPRI and has been full-time with the Institute since 1997. Steven also serves as managing editor for Nevada Journal, NPRI's news operation, which is online at

Steven graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Philosophy from Claremont Men's College (now Claremont McKenna). Before joining NPRI, Steven worked as a news reporter in California and Nevada, and a political cartoonist in Nevada, Hawaii and North Carolina. For 10 years he ran a successful commercial illustration studio in New York City, then for five years worked at First Boston Credit Suisse in New York as a technical analyst. After returning to Nevada in 1991, Steven worked as an investigative reporter before joining NPRI.

He also works at the Nevada Journal as a managing editor.  His email there is:

Is his income so poor he has to work two jobs?  So this means he's jealous of anyone working a government job with benefits. Well, public servants make your life a lot easier. You may criticize them all you want, but thanks to them you get your garbage picked up, you get your curb and gutters, and sidewalks, a nice road to drive on, and many other services. 

You can nitpick these people all you want, but they have to take a lot of grief from people like Steven Miller.

Oh here's a real kicker:  Both of his jobs lists the same address:  7130 Placid St., Las Vegas, Nevada.  He's "the founder" of the Nevada Journal.   So he's made himself his own boss, apparently.  He can do anything he wants to people who have done him no harm, and with no oversight.  He has no scruples, that is for certain.


Oh this is interesting. Mr. Hurray-For-Me lists this address, 7130 Placid St., Las Vegas, Nevada, as a business, and yet Google comes up only with 7132 Placid St., Enterprise, Nevada.

7132 Placid St, Enterprise, NV

This makes for an interesting mystery.  Like we said, he's concerned for his privacy, but doesn't care about others at all. This means he is a dyed-in-the-wool, bonafide NARCISSIST!

He also has another Website exposing people's incomes

We are not a government, we are private citizens.  It is as though Steven Miller is punishing those who were fortunate to find a steady job.  It is amazing what harm one man can do who has no scruples. What a loser.

Here is a picture of another office address of his.  1225 Westfield Avenue #7, Reno, Nevada. I guess he doesn't want his private residence made public. Guess privacy concerns are for him alone, and no one else?

1225 Westfield Ave #7 Reno Nevada

More information to come on this Public Works hater just as soon as it becomes available.

By the way, Steven Miller... public employees PAY FOR THEIR OWN RETIREMENT BENEFITS!  There is no cause to publish this information on the Internet just because you think somehow we are cheating the taxpayers. We pay taxes too! More than our share. Then when we retire, we have to give up the Social Security we earned just because we have a government retirement plan that WE PAID FOR OURSELVES.  To publish the job description with the salary payment would have been acceptable.  Why is this the employees' fault that they have to be charged with false accusations of some sort of criminal activity?  It is an outrage.


Here is a nice award for the idiots who keep destroying our society:

Don't be a Beanhead

Citizens should be able to live without fear of reprisals against false accusations

So obviously Steven Miller is out to punish every government employee and retiree for the money they made, and benefits THEY PAID FOR OUT OF THEIR SALARIES into CalPERS.  The city governments did not pay a dime because of the CalPERS investments.  Recently, the investments took a nose dive (thanks to economic crashing), and suddenly, the cities made no plans for this event.  Now, they are in turmoil, bankruptcy, and hurt because they owe CalPERS for the benefits of present employees now. If it is anybody's fault, it is the fault of those who did not plan ahead at the government level. This is not the worker's fault.  I'm sorry, Steven Miller, but you are so ignorant and uninformed you have to punish people with your treachery of getting some "attention" and your supreme court judges in Nevada are ignorant and abusive to innocent people. It is still breaking California law.

The Review Journal article


Calling for a class action lawsuit against Steven Miller in his disregard for the laws of the State of California privacy rights

Ten state constitutions also protect the privacy of public employees. They are: Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, New York, South Carolina and Washington. California is the only state to grant privacy rights to private sector workers (California Constitution, Art. I, Section 1). The California Constitution also protects data privacy (Art. I, Section 13). Some state courts, including New Jersey and Alaska, have found the state constitution’s privacy protection enough to support a private employee’s public policy claim of privacy infringement.


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