1. A "chemist" next door making meth.
  2. Smokers with huge parties in their backyard adjacent to your property. Loud, smokey, and annoying.
  3. Meth lab across the street from a school.
  4. Government agencies given law enforcement power getting into the drug business, too. Hey, it's so lucrative!
  5. Giving proof of a meth lab next door, by giving pictures of propane tanks, burners and other equipment going in, and garbage bag loads of small, 1 lb. sandwich bags of white substance inside the larger bag coming out, placed into Chemicals Person 's own car. More pictures.
  6. Drug paraphernalia left outside of same house.
  7. Needles left in the street.
  8. Residents of said house "going stark raving crazy" from drug overdoses.
  9. Danger to the children of this neighborhood, not to mention toxic fumes spewing from this house, endangering everyone's lives.
  10. Law enforcement unwilling to do anyting about meth houses in nicer neighborhoods. (Guess they only pick on the poor folks.)
  11. Multiple vehicles constantly "visiting" said meth house. When will it ever stop? It's been ongoing since 2011 that we are aware of. Probably before that.


Having this happen in this nice neighborhood is sickening. The toxic fumes, rashes, red eyes, sinus pain, headaches, coughing, aggravation of asthma/bronchitis, chemical burns on the eyes, chemical fumes in everyone's homes.... WE NEED PROTECTION and our government and law enforcement agencies are refusing to help.

CIA Kidnappings in Oregon, and all over the USA
(coming soon)


Here is a nice award for our illustrious DEA and local police for the job NOT well done:

Don't be a Beanhead

The truth hurts?

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